Fresh Work: kaSaka ●

A space for creative voodoo


Fresh Work: kaSaka

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Kasaka is a space for creative voodoo, artistic alchemy, bewitching ideas and fantastic design. A digital platform where latinamerican artists, creatives and designers collaborate to create amazing content and share their art with the world.
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Soil: Brand

The word “kasaka” is salvadorean slang for improbable or outlandish stories… because behind
every piece of art or design, there’s always a fascinating story.
A beheaded chicken is our main icon and character, representing latinamerican legends and

Soil: Web Design

Soil: Web

We planted this fantastic idea in a website where fun animations of our beheaded chicken, take us throughout the site. A customized platform was designed to promote artistic content, encourage collaboration through a social network and sell art and design in an online marketplace.

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