Fresh Work: El Salvador Challenge

El Salvador

Fresh Work: El Salvador Challenge

El Salvador Challenge

The Problem

El Salvador has gone through a lot of suffering: civil war, gangs, violence, insane murder rates and corruption to name just a few. No wonder our people are trapped in a negative state of mind and have stopped dreaming altogether that a different reality is possible.

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The Task

Inspire salvadoreans to wish for the country we all deserve

The Idea:
El Salvador Challenge

Nobody can resist throwing a penny in a fountain hoping for their wish to come true. So we started a movement with salvadorean influencers wishing out loud for a positive change they wanted for El Salvador while throwing a penny into the water. They would then challenge 3 more people to do the same and so on. Soon, we achieved a massive recollection of wishes reminding El Salvador that change is possible, if we dare to dream the impossible!

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