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Shaping Connections


Case Study 5patas

The Brief

An award winning, super creative 15 year old architectural firm, was ready to take the next step and expand their presence globally. But they needed a compass, a route, they needed a higher purpose that would guide them through the next 15 years

Case Study 5patas

Brand Seed Concept®

We captured the firm’s original essence and gave it a heart. A greater calling that filled each project with meaning and a sense of pride to what they were already doing and inspired future actions.

Shaping Connections:

We are passionate about exploring connections,
creating connections,designing connections,
building connections…
Because we believe architecture is all about
the connections we create with the spaces we occupy.

We grow fruitful brands!

Social Media

We planted the new Brand Seed Concept in Instagram expressing it through content and design* The logo’s icon transforms into a doodle that takes different shapes to connect ideas, concepts and emotions in every post and story. In every caption, we tell the human story behind each project to really connect with our audience.

*The new logo and branding was designed by deliriostudio

We grow fruitful brands!


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